Falling for Her Fiance by Cindi Madsen~Review

Monday, February 4, 2013
Falling for Her FianceTitle: Falling for Her Fiance
Author: Cindi Madsen
Publisher:Entangled Publishing, LLC (Bliss)
Date:January 14th 2013
Pages: ebook
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Danielle and Wes have been best friends since college, so when Wes needs a date for his sister’s wedding and Dani needs a partner for her company’s retreat, they devise the perfect plan: a fake engagement to get through both events unscathed. Adrenaline-junkie Wes can prove to both his ex and his family that he’s well and truly moved on, and serious-minded Dani can prove to her boss that she’s worthy of the promotion he seems to only want to give to a family-oriented employee.

But amid the fake swoons, fake kisses, and forced proximity, neither expects the very real feelings that develop. There’s nothing more dangerous than falling for your best friend…but what if the landing is worth the fall?

My Thoughts:

Maybe I've just read too many books with this theme lately, but it seemed that Dani acted more like a teenager than the 20 something adult she was supposed to be. Wes, with his back and forth drama got on my nerves and the tension that was supposedly between them , didn't jump off the page at all. I mainly just wanted to reach in the book and smack them both up side their heads, and tell them to just freaking get it over with already.

Dani and Wes have been friends since they met in college. After one drunken kiss they decided that friends was all they would ever be. Fast forward a few years and both Wes and Dani are both single due to silly ex's and both are in need of a significant other to appease parents and bosses. So Dani and Wes decide to pretend to be engaged. They show up together at Wes's parents house and that was when things seemed to really get serious for both of them. Though, you wouldn't know it, since they kept everything to themselves.

Dani heads home after Wes's sisters wedding, and she keeps trying to push away the feeling she has for Wes. Wes is trying to do the same thing in NC, but both are really failing. Wes travels to AK to keep up his end of the "engagement" deal during the company retreat for Dani. Things really come to a head and while they slightly confess their feelings to each other, Dani sabotages it with her, but I can't move for you, because that would just be too much of a commitment on her part.

Overall, I wasn't satisfied with this book at all, there was just too much whining, and not enough action on either main characters part.

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