The Virgin's Auction by Amelia Hart #review

Friday, July 26, 2013
Title: The Virgin's Auction
Author: Amelia Hart
Date: March 31st 2013
Publisher: Kite Publishing Limited
Pages: 343
Source: Amazon Freebie
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Melissa did not want to take this path, but she must have money to rescue herself and her brother from that fiend. She is all out of choices. She must auction the one asset she has: her innocent body.It's a terrible fate but she will face it bravely. On the night of the auction, fate will be kind and give her the chance of redemption in the arms of a sensual rogue. But will she honor the contract and forge bright chains of desire that will bind them together? She looked straight at James. He felt that look almost like a touch, a palpable connection. There was pleading there in her gaze, and desperation. Suddenly he was certain this one was indeed a virgin, alone and helpless. Such a creature was a treasure who should be worshiped, initiated gently to the arts of love. He thought there was no one in this room capable of teaching her that better than he.He was tempted, he was sorely tempted by her. He could very well answer that plea he saw in her eyes and bring her a delight the likes of which she had never known.He could rescue her.James took a step forward. A full length, stand alone novel.

My Thoughts:
As Amazon freebies go this was one of the best ones I have picked up in a long time. From the title alone (as I just don't read blurbs) I was expecting more sex than plot and I am pleasantly surprised to tell you that this one is 90% plot! 

Melissa (loved the name) Spencer is a great heroine and while I did not agree with some things she did, or her inner dialogue half the time; I quickly understood why things happened the way they did. I was surprised that Melissa took off from James the way she did, but I was more surprised with the way James reacted to finding her gone.

This is your typical love story, boy meets girl, boy looses girl, boy finds girl...But you have the twist of things being set in "Old" London so things are much more complicated and reputations stand to be ruined.

My Rating: 


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