Five Finger Fiction by Brooks Sigler #review

Sunday, July 21, 2013
Five Finger Fiction
From the cover:
Lila O'Farrell barely has a voice of her own in her Irish Catholic family. Mother Lynette is a force of nature, something between a flash flood and a frightening televangelist. Lou, her father, is a peeping Tom; her sister is just oblivious. Lila's scores of cousins and aunts are exhausting. She tries humor, subversion, and even a British accent. Her kleptomania is the only thing that gives her comfort. Lila takes jewelry, tongue depressors, a friend's brassiere. Breaking the law and casting aside social mores are nothing, though, compared to challenging Lynette Nolan O'Farrell's authority. Lila's not sure she can grow up and move on if Lynette doesn't give her permission.
About the Author:
Brooks Sigler is a long-time resident of New England. She dwells with her husband, 2.5 cats (.5 is really even more bizarre than a cat should be), a turtle, and Orion, their black moor. (Bob, their other fish, sadly jumped the tank.) At this time, she has no progeny, but along with her first New Year's resolution finally to finish a book, she made another to have a child or two in the near, near future.
    To the best of her ability, which is sometimes limited by water retention, lack of chocolate, and confusing reality shows, Ms. Sigler teaches English. Over the years her students have shown her many things including, but not limited to, the following: how to shop and do school work while the teacher is looking, how to make the teacher laugh about a destroyed text to avoid reprisal, and how to convince a parent that a teacher lost all one's "completed" assignments.
My thoughts:
Five Finger Fiction by Brooks Sigler is a page turner.
 Throughout the book we follow the life of the main character Lila O'Farrell. Lila is one snarky chick, she comes from a well-to do family and attends a private Catholic school for sometime. But things aren't always what they seem from the outside.
 Brooks created a funny work of fiction that touches on this "nice" family's not so nice secrets. From the peeping-tom father, the closet kleptomania, overbearing mother; you'll be turning page after page to see what happens next. The ending has left me wanting more, and I would love to see a sequal!!
On the negative side, I felt that there was way too mauch switching from past to present in the book; especially with little or no warning of the switch. And I could never come up with so many "L" names, kudos to you for that one Brooks!!
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