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Monday, August 5, 2013

Title: Dead and Missing (Ripsters, #2)

Author: Chris Myers

Released: July 13, 2013

Genre: Paranormal Mystery/Romance

Age Group: Young Adult

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Dead and Missing (Book #2):

Sixteen-year-old Brittany Howland only knows one other girl, Jolie Livingston, who can communicate with the dead like herself. When Brittany takes Jolie’s haunt fishing to get him out of Jolie’s hair, he mysteriously disappears. Brittany isn't sure how she’ll tell Jolie she lost her stupid ghost. Jolie thinks her dead best friend Drew has finally crossed over, but Brittany knows better. Just before Drew went missing, he revealed why he hasn't hitchhiked to the afterlife, a secret Brittany swore she’d take to the grave.

Date With the Dead (Book, #1):

Sixteen-year-old Jolie Livingston’s closest and only friend Drew is this really hot dead guy, and it bites that the self-absorbed princesses at school cannot even see him. That’s right she can communicate with the dead. It’s the living she has trouble with. She and her mom inherited this awesome crib in Plymouth, MA. It’s quite a step-up from the homeless shelter in New Orleans, but there’s a catch. They can’t afford the past due mortgage, so Jolie’s working on that.

She starts a ghost hunting business called Ripsters. Somehow she’s managed to recruit Brittany, a glamour SAP smothered in pink, and a techie allergic to ghosts. Brit actually thinks he resembles the R&B singer Chris Brown. All that pink has clouded her vision. They both have special talents Jolie’s hoping will be useful to their venture. Right now, they’re working for a family in need of major therapy due to a dead guy with a hole in his head

  • ·         Burial Hill and Burying Point are real cemeteries located in Plymouth and Salem respectively.
  • ·         Bridget Bishop was the first witch to be hanged during the Salem Witch Trials.
  • ·         Bishop’s maiden name was Playfer and her first two husbands died under mysterious circumstances.
  • ·         Gallows Hill Park is the official location where the Salem witches were hanged, but historians believe it is located at the Walgreens on Boston Street.
  • ·         Rebecca Nurse was hanged on July 19, 1962. Her son Benjamin rowed to Gallows Hill and retrieved her body at night to give her a proper burial. Crane Brook is located behind Rebecca Nurse’s old home.
  • ·         A mazzik is a harmful or evil spirit in Judaism.
  • ·         A Mormo is a spirit that bites bad children.
  • ·         Judge Hathorne was the leading judge in the Salem Witch Trials.
  • ·         Sarah Good cursed Reverend Noyes. He died from hemorrhaging in the mouth just like she said he would.
  • ·         Ann Putnam, Mercy, Betty, and Abbey were some of the names of the afflicted girls during the Salem Witch Trials.
  • ·         Drew is a special ghost and loves Jolie.
  • ·         Brittany is the top scorer on her lacrosse team.

About the Author:

Chris Myers suffers from an overactive imagination. She spent her high school years writing torch songs for fantasy guys then moved onto writing thrillers and young adult. She has a real job but would love to write full time. Her books have won and placed in the finals and semifinals for several awards including Paul Gillette, Rocky Mountain Gold, and Amazon Breakthrough Novel. Chris lives in Colorado with her daughter, her better half, and BeBe, a rambunctious Bichon.

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