Quickie Reviews Sept. 2013

Friday, September 13, 2013

I've been reading up a storm lately and while there are some books that begged me to write a longer review, I have been mainly giving a few sentences and moving on. Here are the ones from the last month....

This is another Amazon freebie that I am glad that I picked up! I have a soft spot for MCs...I don't know why, maybe it's all those years watching SOA and falling for the guys.. Maybe it's just something in the air..

Either way, while I wasn't too keen on Denise the heroine I fell over myself to get more of Liam.. His character was so sweet, and yet so much the embodiment of what i would want in a hero!

4 Stars

The story was a little played out.. thought the plot is a good one. After finding out she was pregnant as a teen Bree left Alaska with her parents and never got a chance to tell the father Todd. After 6/7 years Bree comes back to Alaska with her daughter Amber in tow and she is determined to tell Todd about Amber and have him be in her life.

Todd never stopped loving Bree and he shows that almost immediately in the story. The two have some issues and after a few months they end up getting their HEA!

3 Stars

I've had this one sitting on my e-reader for a bit now... Wasn't sure I was ready to pick up another teen drama, but while I'm glad to have read it.. i feel a little let down.. Maybe it's because I have been reading books geared more towards adults, or it's because I'm still in a YA reading slump.. i couldn't really get into the story or connect with the characters.

Hannah, Ava, Noah, Sebastian, and Lacey all seemed one dimensional and not really all that likable. The plot was one that I have read a million times and there wasn't a whole lot of drama. It's good for a quick summer read.

3 Stars

Another Amazon Freebie! This one was better than I expected and without reading either the synopsis or any reviews I figured from the cover alone that I was going to be reading a story laced with tons of sex and very little plot. However I was wrong!

Lauren and Justin meet on a stretch of road when she decides to be defiant and pick up a hitch hiker.. Things slowly progress from there and of course there is a happy ending!!! it was a great read, though I was left with questions, as there wasn't much description, though I did get a few answers!

4 Stars

I tell myself time and again, to really read the reviews on the Amazon freebies. The writing was good, and i had no trouble following the plot; what little of one there was.
The sex is minimal, though it is often spoken of. The characters all seem superficial and very transparent. I wanted to scream most of the time reading the book.
  This is a quick read and if you are looking for a decent book written by a man then check this one out.

2 Stars

Holy Sh*t!! I never saw it coming.. I knew there was a reason that I never liked Leah.. Conniving bi**h that she is!!! Picking up book three now!

5 Stars

Purchased this one after reading the first chapter on the author's website.

The book started off good and I was really into it, then girl got crazy and I lost a ton of interest. I kept reading in hopes that it would pick up again and I would be able to follow along without feeling as though I was on the crazy train with her....

3 Stars


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