The Saints of the Cross by Michelle Figley Review

Saturday, October 5, 2013
Title: The Saints of the Cross
Author: Michelle Figley
Date: November 9th 2012
Publisher: Velveteen Books
Pages: 330
ASIN/ISBN: 9780988495401
Source: author
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Seventeen-year-old Evangeline Sweeney has a life most teenage girls would envy. She’s lived in exotic locales all over the world, has a handsome boyfriend and a loyal best friend. Everything seems tranquil on the surface, but recurring nightmares about her deceased mother have her questioning their significance and her own sanity. When her father announces he’s moving the family from her beloved Spain back to Washington D.C., her world is shattered. However, when Evie returns to DC she discovers devastating secrets about her family and the boy she loves that threaten to destroy everything she knows to be true about her life and her identity. With the help of an intriguing, handsome friend from her new school, The Holy Cross Preparatory Academy, Evie begins searching for the one thing she knows can answer all her questions and help her uncover the truth about herself. But, will she find it before she loses everything, and everyone, she loves and cherishes most?

My Thoughts: 
This book was a little slow going for me at first. I guess I was honestly expecting a little paranormal and when I realized that wasn't going to happen I had to rethink and reset myself before continuing and getting back into it.

Once I got myself ready to read, I was totally engrossed in Evie's story and everything that was going on in her life. Javier was the perfect boyfriend up until Evie had to leave Spain, and I was honestly rooting for her and Xander as soon as they were introduced. There is a lot of side stories but everything comes together in the end. I did tear up a little and while not everyone gets their happy ending I was pleased with the way that Michelle ended the story. 

The characters are easily identifiable, and my heart stopped like I am sure Evie's did everytime they got a lead on what they hoped was her mother. And when Xander showed up at the last one, I was beyond excited for what that could mean for them. Knowing that Javier's story was left unfinished is upsetting and I am hoping that Michelle does decide to come out with a sequal just to let us know what happened with him.



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