The Search for a Co-Blogger/Reviewer

Saturday, November 16, 2013
I've been thinking about adding a member or two (maybe!) to the A Cauldron of Books team for quite a while now, and, seeing how far behind in my blogging schedule I am, I think now may just be that time. I love blogging so much, but it's a pretty stressful thing to do alone, and, as you may not know working two jobs and raising 3 kids and blogging is hard. Which is why I am looking for a co-blogger, or, if you're not ready for that commitment just yet a co-reviewer!

What I am looking for in an applicant: 

I'm not asking for very much as far as applicants go, but I do have a few requirements if you want to be a co-blogger or frequent guest reviewer for A Cauldron of Books:

I need my co-blogger/reviewer to be committed to blogging, and have a passion for reading. Though I think the latter part is practically a given, I really want to have a co-blogger I can rely on when it comes to content, etc.
Only apply if you will be able to post at least one review every two weeks, we do not have a set genre as you can tell!
All reviews should be more than just "I liked/loved/hated this book" I don't expect in depth reviews, but make sure they have some meat on them :)
At least some experience when it comes to reviewing, whether it be on Goodreads, or your own blog. (Having your own blog is not a necessity.) (Having a Twitter is  a requirement, having a Goodreads is a perk.)

Don't be completely offended if I mess with the format of posts you make or anything like that! Also, please tell me when you're planning a post or a review, so that I can make sure none of my reviews or posts are overlapping with yours.

Please know that this is my baby, I've worked hard on getting the layout just like I want it and while you have some input, please don't mess with anything or try to take over the blog.

Perks for you!

You would get a lot of ARCs from Edelweiss and NetGalley, and maybe even some physical ARCs!

If you're interested in becoming a frequent guest reviewer or an official co-blogger at A Cauldron of Books, fill out the form below, and good luck! Thank you for your interest in my little blog.


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