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Saturday, April 12, 2014
Hello everyone!!! I've been busy this year with my reading and while I haven't found too many books that really inspire me to write a full review, I have been writing little mini reviews for all the books I have read up until now.

 I know that everyone is curious so here you go :)

Theirs to Play (Billionaire Games #1)
by Kenya Wright

while the book started off really slow for me, and i almost walked away, i am so glad that i didn't. Dawn, Frederick and Max soon became more to me. i loved Dawn's way of dealing with the brothers and Freddy was the perfect mix of bad boy, spoiled rich kid,and love struck fool.

Knowing Jack

by Rachel Curtis

there were a few grammatical errors that irked me, however this was a quick read. i didn't like the ending, but can see why the author ended where she did.

Let's Be Frank

by Brea Brown

It took me a bit to get into this one. It felt like everything was either over explained, repeated or just drawn out. I hated the way Frankie treated Nate and Betty, but when it came down to it, they allowed the treatment to continue so I couldn't find any sympathy for them.

White Hot Kiss (The Dark Elements #1)

by Jennifer L. Armentrout

Loved the book! Can't wait to get my hands on the next one. The character building was amazing and while Roth irked me a bit in the beginning I soon fell in love with him and cried at the end.


by Janet Gurtler

Started the book 3/21 and finished in the early morning hours of 3/22. Cried my eyes out at the end, couldn't get past all the heartache! Loved Amy, Morgan and Adam! The laughs from their road trip were good to have, but the ending was a killer!


by Cassie Mae

Honestly, I wanted to like this book. I tried time and again to like the characters, but what kind of friends intentionally try to break up a relationship with their best friend's significant other? I understand that one was a long time crush, but seriously... How much of a friend can you really call yourself?

Love By Design (Design #1)
by Elizabeth A. James

While the first chapter started off promising, it quickly went downhill for me from there.

Callie meets Justin, has lunch with him and her "best friend" then agrees to meet him later that evening.

The best friend is worse than any "mean" girl I have ever read and drops Callie like a bad habit right after lunch with Justin all because said best friend is so full of herself and thinks she deserves everything and everyone.

From there it is really just a cluster of phone calls and quick meetings between Justin and Callie, they fall for each other fast and things progress, but of course "best friend" butts her nose in things again.

In the end after one short conversation and a declared I love you, the two main characters are together and happy.

Torn (Torn #1)
by K.A. Robinson
I fell in love with Drake and Chloe from the beginning! I couldn't put the book down and even took it with me to work! 

From the moment that Chloe saw Drake I just knew that there would be some major chemistry between the two. 

I wasn't too thrilled with Chloe hooking up with Logan, I knew that would be a disaster from the beginning and even though it all blew up in their faces I am happy that they got back to being friends.

Twisted (Torn #2)
by K.A. Robinson

I loved the first book, and while I hated to see Drake and Chloe go through the things they did, I am glad that they got their HEA in the end.

I wasn't too please with how Chloe always seemed to have to fight off the advances of the ones that she thought were her friends. But I understand that drama needed to be there. 
Drake seemed to give up on things too easily, and slipped back into old habits way to quickly, like he was just looking for and excuse from the get go.

Tainted (Torn #3)
by K.A. Robinson 

I absolutely loved getting to see inside Drake's head! Tainted was the best way to wrap up the series and while I would really love to keep reading all about Drake and Chloe, I am happy to see them happy and together. 


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