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A Cauldron of Books: Book Review Policy

First and foremost I want to make it clear that I am NOT a professional reviewer, I am a book blogger that loves to read and can be found at all times with my nose in a book. My reviews are based solely on my thoughts and my feelings about the books that I read. Reading is a personal passion, and I will talk about what I loved, liked, hated or anything that might have irritated me about the story and/or characters. My reviews are very honest and I will not compromise my integrity as a book blogger by writing a review that is dishonest to my actual feelings toward the book. I will rarely post a review “trashing” a book, I’d rather NOT post a review at all at that point. The ONLY time I will post a review on a book I completely disliked is if I am obligated to, but no "trashing" will be in that review.

Included in every book review:

  • Cover art
  • Author & Publication details
  • Summary (usually from Goodreads)
  • My personal thoughts about the book
  • A “star” rating (1-5)
  • I also try to post my reviews on GoodReads, B&N, and Amazon.
  • Link to the Goodreads summary
  • Link to Amazon to purchase the book.

Find my Book Reviews on:


Book Genres that I prefer:

  • Post Apocalyptic
  • Paranormal/Urban Fantasy
  • Dystopian
  • Young Adult (of just about any kind)
  • Fantasy
  • Romance (including erotica/erotic)
  • Adult

 I like the following, but I tend to be very selective:

  • Chick Lit
  • Contemporary Fiction
  • Cookbooks
  • Poetry
  • Self Help

I do not usually accept:

  • Nonfiction: autobiographies/biographies/memoirs
  • Crime/Mystery
  • Titles with overly religious undertones


When submitting your book to be reviewed:

  • If I do not respond immediately, it is NOT because I’m not interested- it is because I haven’t gotten to your e-mail yet.
  • If it has been 3 days or longer since your review request was sent and you still have not received a response, then feel free to send another one. Chances are the first one was sent to SPAM, or just got lost somewhere- it happens.
  • Format: I accept .mobi (kindle), epub (Nook) ARCS and hard copies of books to review. My Amazon email is angelic_darkness_2006 (AT)yahoo.com
  • I accept independently published work, ONLY IF it is a finished copy, and I will note any spelling mistakes/grammatical errors.
When I ACCEPT a book for review, I’d like you to keep a few things in mind:

  • It may be 3 days, 2 weeks, or 6 months  before I read your book.
  • If you have a time frame in mind- let me know and I’ll in turn let you know if that will work for me.
  • It does not guarantee that the novel will be read, or that I will post a review.
Books that I request personally will have precedence over all other titles. Second precedence will go to those novels that were accepted via a review request/pitch. Novels that are received unsolicited will mostly likely go last and it will depend on my reading schedule and interest as to whether the title will be read and reviewed. If I have no interest in reading the title or it does not capture my interest after halfway through the book, it will be passed along to another blogger or donated to my local library. ONE MORE THING when you submit your review: (and obviously this is not required, just a suggestion and it will make my life a little easier)

In the subject line of the email put:  Review Request: (Title of your book)
SUMMARY of your book
Cover (if available)
Include links to your:

Goodreads (or similar)

This is just a suggestion… and will make getting the review up a lot easier… 

I am happy to host authors for an interview, guest post or a stop on a blog tour. I also offer Book Spotlights, you can find all information HERE.

PLEASE NOTE: I do not receive or accept compensation for my book reviews! I do however receive books from publishers and/or authors at no charge. All reviews are my honest and personal opinion.


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